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Omg my mom just told me that there is a good write-up about Transcendence in my local newspaper. Apparently whoever made the article gave it good reviews.

Well thank God, my hometown at least knows what a good movie looks like. 


So…..can Transcendence come out on DVD yet or? 


  • Transcendence (2014)

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Putting this under read more in case you dont wanna know anything about Transcendence, even though this is not a spoiler;

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I think the more I think over the plot and events of Transcendence, the more I like the movie. When I left the theater, I was mind blown. It was like a state of confusion. So the more I think over what happened, and all that, I truly appreciate the movie way more than when I saw it. I’m gonna have to watch it again, definitely. It’s one of those movies that you kinda have to watch a couples times in order to understand it fully (in my opinion).

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was the "short scene" in evelyn's dream??